Make your home
energy efficient

We help you make informed decisions about how to make your home energy efficient.

Then we connect you with trusted tradespeople who can make your plan a reality.

Ambue is supported by the UK Government.

Why now?

There's never been a better time to upgrade your home.

Save money

Lower energy bills save you money every month.

Help the environment

An energy efficient home puts less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Comfort at home

Your home stays warmer for longer when it's cold outside.

Government grants

Take advantage of financial incentives from the UK Government.

Invest in your home

Studies show energy efficient homes are worth up to 5% more.

Avoid financial penalties

The UK Government are starting to levy fines on inefficient homes.

Everything in one place

Our web application guides you through your home upgrade journey from start to finish.

Interactive 3D visualisation

Build an upgrade plan using a custom model of your home.

Advanced energy modelling

Accurate savings estimates based on you and your lifestyle.

Upgrade without stress

You're in control. We do the heavy lifting.

How does it work?

We've developed technology to take the pain out of upgrading your home.

Build a model of your home.

A digital model of your home

When you create your Ambue account, we ask a couple of questions about you and your home.

In the background, we automatically collect and analyse publicly available information about your home. We use this data to build you a personalised energy efficiency model.

You can choose to send us more information about your home to improve the accuracy of your results.

Energy Savings

£ 128 per year

5 tonnes of CO2 per year

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Information at your fingertips

Your Ambue dashboard shows you all the important information about your home.

How much money you'll save on your energy bills
How much less carbon dioxide you'll put into the atmosphere
The expected cost to upgrade your home
How long it takes for your upgrade to pay for itself

You can experiment by applying different upgrades to your home and see how that affects your potential savings.

Accuracy Score


Improve my score

Advice you can trust

You don't want to spend thousands of pounds on a renovation only to be disappointed by the results.

The existing standard in place for measuring the energy efficiency of homes is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You'll have one if you've moved home since 2007.

The EPC uses generalised data and assumptions about you, your home, and your lifestyle to estimate energy efficiency. They don't accurately reflect the energy usage of your home.

We collect real-world data about your home and how you use it. That data is fed into our proprietary energy model to work out which upgrades are most cost effective for your home.

Upgrade your home.

Upgrade your home

When you're happy that your estimates are accurate enough, we generate a home upgrade plan for you. Then we reach out to trusted tradespeople to carry out the work.

Personalised plan
You choose the upgrades which suit you and your home.
You're in control
You have full control to manage the implementation of your plan through our platform.
Minimal disruption
You don't have to do everything at once. Your plan helps you roll out each upgrade whenever you're ready.
Trusted tradespeople
Our recommended tradespeople go through a rigorous vetting process and have local references.
Cost transparency
Get the full financial picture before you commit. We'll collect quotes for you to choose from.

The whole process, from bids through to quality checks, is managed online. All your important documents are easily accessible and in one place.

Launching 2021 in Oxfordshire.

Launched 2021 in Oxfordshire

We launched a pilot study in Oxfordshire on 15th Feb 2021. Nationwide expansion is following later in the year.

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