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We help you discover the energy efficiency upgrades that are right for you and your home.

Then we give you a personalised upgrade plan to help you continue your energy efficiency journey.

Energy efficiency for your home. Made simple.

We've developed technology to take the pain out of making home upgrades.

Personalised advice

Advice and information tailored to your home. All in one place.

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Instant feedback, with no need to wait for home surveys.

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Choose your upgrades and create your own plan.

Your step by step guide to using Ambue

We'll help you choose the home upgrades that are right for you.

Step 1

Tell us about your home

We'll ask you some questions about your home and combine this with real-world data. So you'll get results that are tailored to you.

Step 2

See your home in 3D

You'll see a 3D model of your home and its current energy performance. We can even help with listed properties and complex builds.

Step 3

Choose your home upgrades

Apply different upgrades like insulation and solar panels to your virtual home to see how much money, energy, and carbon you could save.

Step 4

Get started with your plans

You'll get a full picture of costs from grants to payback time and the expected value added to your home. You'll get an upgrade plan so you know what to do next.

Discover the benefits of an energy efficient home

Save money

Efficient homes use less energy, reducing your monthly energy bills.

Help the environment

An energy efficient home puts less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Improved comfort at home

Your home will stay warmer for longer when it's cold outside.

Get government grants

Take advantage of financial incentives from the UK Government.

Increase the value of your home

Studies show energy efficient homes can be worth up to 5% more.

Future-proof your home

Create a home that's fit for the future, with a lighter footprint.

What can you expect?

Simple tools and personalised energy efficiency advice, all in one place.

Build a model of your home.

A digital model of your home

By combining information about your home with real-world data, you'll see a personalised 3D model of your home.

Then you can apply a range of different home upgrades from insulation and solar panels to new low carbon technology. For each one you'll see predictions about how much money, energy, and carbon you could save.

This will help you make the right choices for you and your home.

Energy Savings

£ 256 per year

5 tonnes of CO2 per year

View breakdown

Information at your fingertips

Your Ambue dashboard shows you helpful information about your home.

How much money you'll save on your energy bills
How much carbon dioxide (CO2) you'll save
The expected cost to upgrade your home
How long it takes for your upgrade to pay for itself

Advice you can trust

We're a team of experienced architects and data scientists.

We're proud to be backed by the government but also by science.

Different way of doing things.

A different way of doing things

The energy efficiency of UK homes is measured by the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You'll have one if you've moved home since 2007.

The EPC uses generalised data and assumptions to estimate energy efficiency. It's a helpful tool, especially when buying or selling your home. But it's not the full picture.

That's why we collect real-world data about your home and how you use it. We use this data to give you more detailed advice and personalised recommendations, so it's much easier to work out which upgrades are most suitable and cost effective for your home.

With us, you can have confidence in choosing which upgrades are right for you. And you can be sure they'll really count.

Upgrade your home.

What happens next?

Once you've chosen your upgrades, you'll be ready to start thinking about getting quotes for your plans. We can help with that too.

Refer to your personalised plan
Your upgrade plan will help keep you on track. And remember, you don't have to do everything at once. Install each upgrade at your own pace.
Advice about what to do
We'll give you a checklist which will give you some handy pointers on what to do next. So you can progress your plans with confidence.
Help with technical documents
We can provide technical documents for the upgrades you choose. Builders will use these to give you a quote for your work.
Guidance for planning
We can help you prepare documentation to send to your local planning officer to check for planning restrictions.
Launching 2021 in Oxfordshire.

Launched 2021 in Oxfordshire

We launched a pilot study in Oxfordshire on 15th Feb 2021. Nationwide expansion will follow later this year.

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